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 The Shop!!

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Matthew A
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PostSubject: The Shop!!   Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:02 pm

This is where you can spend Alpha that you earn on useful/useless things. You can also post your owb shop in this forum and charge people for your services and goods. But this is the site store, so here we go:
Username change-300 Alpha
Lottery ticket*-1500 Alpha
I will add more later.

*A lottery ticket gives you the chance of winning items or Alpha, or even losing them!
When you buy something, the cost of the item will be subtracted from the number of Alpha you have. No, we do not take IOUs.
You earn drachmas by posting and putting up topics. Don't whine if you suddenly find yourself without Alpha while making your purchase; it's not our fault you spent it all.
We will never scam you.
We reserve the right to refuse to give you an item. We will say "yes" or "no" to your request if we think you deserve it. Note: WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY ALPHA AWAY IF YOU ARE REFUSED.
Alpha are used only for the site and designer-forum stores. Nothing else.
We have the right to change the prices to ANY of the items. At any time. With no warning.
If you choose to buy the gift from the god parent, please be aware that you will not receive it right away; an admin must approve the gift before you get it. Don't ask for powers or such, for they will not be granted, and don't ask for weapons with ridiculous powers.
If you buy a lottery ticket request, please take a screenshot of your prize and present it to a government official when you wish to cash it in.
You may buy somebody else an item as a gift (-20% reduction on the price).
PM a government official your order in cyan blue so we know that you read the rules.
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The Shop!!
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