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The Republic of Hyrule is the newest known country in the world, and has now been placed partially online. Pro re Republica!
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 Site Rules

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Matthew A
Head of Congress

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:31 am

Listen to Government Officials.
Respect your fellow members.
No swearing -- This includes pictures/gifs and links to such.
No sexual content.
No harassing other members.
No bossing other members around.
No double accounting (creating more than 1 account per person).
No spamming.
No bumping topics (posting in topics more than 3 months old for any reason unless you have IMPORTANT INFORMATION).
No advertising.
Use the edit button instead of reposting edited information.
No double posting (Posting twice in a row).
Ask Matthew before taking anything from this site.
Leaving the site doesn't exempt you from following the rules. If, for example, you write anything hurtful about other members in your leaving topic, we will edit the hurtful part out. If you edit it back in again, we will delete it and lock the topic.
If we hear of you being rude to a member offsite (Skype,, Tumblr, etc.) or if someone from another site comes to us and tells us you have been causing problems, you will get a warning. Just because it isn't on here doesn't mean we will tolerate it.

Warning levels-

First and Second Offense: Warning
Third: One Day Chatbox Ban
Fourth: ~Two Day Ban
Fifth Offense: ~One Week Ban
Sixth Offense: ~Permanent Ban
Seventh Offense: Banishment
*Please keep in mind that punishments tend to be given depending on how harsh the rule violation was. If an accidental swear, we typically let you off with a warning, but if it's clear that you intended to swear then you will probably be given a bit more harsh punishment. This list is just a rough approximation of how punishments typically work.

Now follow those rules!

Matthew Aveill
Head of Congress
Original founder of the Republic of Hyrule
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Site Rules
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